Does This Sound Like You?

Are you tired of losing lakefront deals to your competitors?

Are you ready to run a business that doesn't run you?

Do you want to be part of a nationwide company that focuses solely on the lake market?

Does This
Sound Like You?


Are you tired of losing lakefront deals to your competitors?

Are you ready to run a business that doesn't run you?

Do you want to be part of a nationwide company that focuses solely on the lake market?

Let Our Franchise Take You To The Next Level...


Providing Realtors the path from Agent to Owner in 90 days


Own the only national real estate franchise with exclusive protected territories


Proprietary marketing strategies generating thousands of
lakefront specific leads


Unique lake-focused business
model utilizing the power of niche marketing


The ability to collaborate and grow with a family of like-minded lake market leaders

Are You Ready to Grow With a Family
Who is Committed to YOUR Success?

Hear from a current franchisee...


Frequent partner of

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The Power of

2020 Statistics:

Site Visitors - increase of 44%
Leads Generated - increase of 234%
Number of Lakes Represented

Meet The Leadership Team

Scott R. Freerksen

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

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Scott dedicated the first 17 years of his career in a variety of New England high-tech corporate management positions. This experience in engineering, personnel, documentation, and finance created the foundation for his future entrepreneurial roles. Scott started Lakefront Living Realty in 2009 with only the state of Massachusetts represented on The site quickly became the one-stop-shop for consumers looking to learn the full details of area lakes, find direct lakefront properties quickly, and connect with local lakefront specialty agents.

As the number of visitors magnified, so did the need for more lakes. New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut were soon added. With a territory this large, Scott set up systems to run the business, and a teams of specialty agents to run the systems. His role quickly evolved to working “on” the business and not “in” it...learning he could multiply his business revenue while drastically reducing his time involved.

This proven model soon caught the eye of his future business partner, Christine Mosier, and in 2015, the two entrepreneurs founded Lakefront Living International, LLC, a national real estate franchise company dedicated to providing this unique business model to agents who share their passion for the lakefront lifestyle. Scott & Chris refers to franchisees as "partners", as that better describes their relationship. 

Scott, his wife Linda, and daughter Sydney, live in a log home on Bungay Lake in Massachusetts. They are avid boaters and enjoy everything the lakefront lifestyle has to offer.

Christine A. Mosier

Co-Founder | Chief Operations Officer

chris bruce photo 2020

Chris has been selling real estate since 2003. She started out at a large national real estate chain working with seasoned agents and learning from the best. As her business grew, she and her husband purchased a lakefront home in Apple Valley, Ohio, as a “neutral” blending ground for their 3 children. It was there that her love of lakefront living took root and her dream of a career focusing exclusively on lakefront property was born.

As "Central Ohio’s Lakefront Specialist”, Chris could frequently be found ‘boating’ clients around the lake. With the help of her dedicated team of professionals, she soon expanded her Brokerage across the entire state of Ohio.  Together, Chris and her team were consistently able to break sales records as they received honors awarded to only the top 10% for the state.  

Her exceptional lakefront marketing and sales skills, along with her previous franchise experience (Dream Dinners), made Chris the perfect partner for Scott. In 2015, the two joined forces to create “Lakefront Living International.” Relying on her tenacity and her strong, faith-inspired vision, Chris has dedicated herself to expanding the company nationwide. She relishes working with her partners and cherishes her role as an educator, coach, and motivator. 

Chris understands that when the franchises succeed, they all succeed. That’s why she prides herself on being kind, open and honest. She’ll do whatever it takes to help her franchisees achieve their goals. She not only possesses the expertise, but also a genuine desire to help. She’s someone who will be there for you whenever you need support or advice. Or just someone to motivate you along your path to success